Don't wait, get into the Hamilton property market now

First home buyers have always had a hard time getting into the market regardless of the property prices and nothing has changed.

Harcourts Hamilton general manager Brian King is a 27-year veteran of Hamilton's property market and said his advice is to buy today.

"I've been in this market since 1990 and people have always had difficulty getting into the market, but first home buyers have got to get into the market because the market will keep on rising," King said.

The Hamilton market offers everything you could want in a property market, he said. It's stable, transitional and makes good gains over time.

Don't expect prices to drop. Long-term trends show a steady increase in value and it will continue. "The only thing that changes on that graph are the figures," he said. 

New buyers might have to alter expectations.

"I've heard it year on year. People will save for their deposits, family will help them, whatever it is, and they will get into the market. It's just actually getting in there now and not letting the market drift another rise."

The key is to make it happen, do the time and reap the benefits, he said.

"If you are not prepared to do that, be a renter for the rest of your life."