The Real Estate Institute (REINZ) Celebrates 100 years

The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand recently held its centenary celebration to recognise their representation of the real estate industry for 100 years  (4/12/2015).

n a momentous occasion held at the Grand High Tea Room at the Heritage Hotel, Auckland, REINZ members joined the REINZ team for a luncheon to recognise the 100-year anniversary.

“It is rare to be able to celebrate something so special and be able to acknowledge the achievements of the industry at the same time,” says Colleen Milne, chief executive of the Real Estate Institute.
The event was attended by REINZ members from throughout the country. “It was a great opportunity, not only for us to reminisce, but also for the younger members and the retired members to share their stories and network, which was great to see.”
The Real Estate Institute was established in Wellington on 22 July 1915 as the Dominion Estate, which had representatives from Auckland, Waikato and Wellington. Since REINZ’s inception, the real estate industry has changed immensely.
While in the early days a contract was completed with a handshake and a verbal agreement, there is now far more complexity and compliance. The job of being a real estate agent now involves more technology, more knowledge, more informed consumers, and more rules.
REINZ has members who started their careers in the times of handshake deals, party lines on telephones, and notepads and pens, right through to those who are beginning their career now with internet listings, smartphones and virtual home tours.
“However, some things never change,” says Milne. “Honesty, integrity, putting the customer first, the long hours, and the commitment to make a difference have all survived the last 100 years, and I have no doubt they will survive the next 100 too. It’s how our members make a living, and how they help people make their lives what they want them to be – whether it’s a first home, a new business, a family farm, or the perfect rental for their family.”
Today, REINZ is focussed on improving their data offering, creating best practice for their 14,000 members, member benefits, education, market intelligence and compliance.
Says Milne, “We are very proud of what REINZ has achieved over the past 100 years and excited about how we can contribute to the success of the industry in the next 100 years.”