Vendor tip: how to present your home when it is on the market

Expert tips on how to best present your home when it is on the market for sale.

Making sure your house is in tip-top shape for viewings and open homes is essential to maximise its earning potential when selling your property.
Use the following tips to make your house stand out from the crowd in a sometimes crowded housing market.
1. If you are time-poor or feel overwhelmed by styling a property, ask a friend to help, ask your agent for advice, or engage a professional to get your home organised.

2. Getting at least 10 really good shots is a great boost for a marketing campaign, and a great way to showcase all that's best about a property.

3. The key to good photos is lighting, good furniture placement and decluttering. Once a house is ready, my No 1 tip to a seller is to take their own photos before the photographer gets there to ensure everything is looking good.

4. When the photos are done, open homes are more about those things that can't be seen but give a real sense of warmth and welcome. Basic tricks for sellers in spring include using fresh flowers, fragrant candles and relaxing music in the background.
1. Make sure lawns are mowed and gardens are free from weeds.
2. Tidy and clean pots, and remove any broken ones from the property. Colourful pots and planters look great in photos.
3. Avoid leaving garden hoses lying around... no, they don't look good.
4. Stow any pet-related items for the photos and the open homes
5. Ensure any broken fence palings are fixed properly.
6. Stow kids' toys and bikes neatly in a garage or shed.
1. Turn on all lights and lamps, and ensure any burnt-out lightbulbs are replaced. Yes, it's noticeable in the photo!
2. Open all the curtains, blinds and drapes.
3. Declutter, declutter, declutter. And I mean in all rooms.
4. Clean and tidy bedrooms and  bathrooms make a big difference. In the bathroom, make sure there are matching towels, and hide toiletries out of sight.
5. If the budget allows, get your house staged with beautiful furniture. If the budget doesn't allow, visit a local show-home for inspiration around cushions, throws, vases and ornaments. Some gentle colour touches in a neutral room look amazing in photos.
6. Pets can add a lovely warmth to a property, whether lying on a bed in the sun or curled up by a fire... but not standing in the middle of the lawn staring at the photographer.
7. Dress your dining table with fresh flowers or a fruit bowl, and add home and garden magazines on the coffee tables.
8. Open up all bi-fold doors that lead to an outdoor entertainment area. This is very much sought after in a house.

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